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Welcome to the project website for the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Department Park System Master and Strategic Plan.

We have designed this multi-lingual, ADA accessible platform specifically to allow you to share your input and help “Imagine Your Columbus Parks”.

Our consulting partner for this project, PROS Consulting, INC. is an industry leader, led by their Principal Neelay Bhatt, specializing in services to government agencies like ours. Their values are similar to those of the City of Columbus and our Parks Department in that they believe in communication, transparency, and quality customer service. Our parks department leadership team was impressed by PROS’ extensive, relevant and parallel experience helping grow department’s like ours, facilitate long-term, sustainable planning processes.

Mark Jones (Director)

Key Events

13th  May, 2022 
Final Park Board Presentation -        PLAN ADOPTED
22nd March, 2022 
Staff Visioning Worksession -    COMPLETED
Master Plan 
Click Here to see the Final Master Plan document
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